Enterprise Search


Increase your productivity with fast, one-click retrieval of searched content

The flood of information and data we are confronted with today is greater than ever. This makes it increasingly difficult for knowledge workers to quickly find the information they require. Lengthy searches for specific documents can quickly turn into a time-consuming and costly liability that drains manpower, and will eventually have a negative impact on your company’s competitiveness.

An enterprise search solution gives you and your team instant access precisely to what you are looking for – just type your keywords in the search bar and access content and information from numerous different databases and applications across your business. No matter where the information you’re looking for resides – in e-mail attachments, scanned documents, on SharePoint sites, your company intranet, or across departmental application silos – this out-of-the-box solution locates and retrieves any type of data, in any format, from any repository

Enterprise Search

Take control of enterprise information and content with instant access to the relevant data