Digital Mailroom


Increase your efficiency with digital processing of incoming mail

The days of all mail arriving at the office as paper have gone. Content arriving into a business is now quite simply, multi-channel – emails, faxes, paper, EDI streams, XML files and so on. Anything that comes in the (virtual) door needs to be processed and managed efficiently. Effective customer engagement requires that any incoming content that relates to new customer on-boarding, account opening, services requests, policy renewals, invoice payment, complaints and other critical business processes to be handled accurately and efficiently. Unfortunately within some organisations, this simply does not happen. But it can – with a digital mailroom.

The traditional digital mailroom was a solution that took all incoming, physical communications, converted them to digital form and then routed electronically to relevant parties throughout the organisation. However, the modern digital mailroom is much more – identifying what the content is, extracting the relevant information if it can, and then routing on to the relevant person or process as quickly as possible. This processing almost becomes ubiquitous – just happening as far as the user is concerned - and needs to happen for all of the multi-channel inputs connecting to an organisation.

A Digital Mailroom can revolutionise the way in which your organisation receives, processes and shares information and as such forms a key component in the digital transformation within your business, enabling downstream processes quick, accurate access to relevant information without delay.

Digital Mailroom

Speed up internal delivery of incoming mail with digital processing