Contract Management


Optimise your contract management with automated processes

The process of managing customer, vendor, partner, or employee contracts is no simple task. Incorrect handling can lead to penalties for non-compliance, lost opportunities, and potentially costly legal audits. The challenges and inefficiencies associated with paper-based, manual processes increase the chances of such problems occurring.

Digitisation of contracts removes paper from the process and simplifies storage and retrieval by putting contracts in a single central database. So you can manage your corporate contract documents simply and effectively. From text searches through the entire content of a contract to the analysis of all relevant contract parameters – the information you need is available at the push of a button. And thanks to the unified, complete mapping of all documents as well as the automatic generation of reminders, you never lose track of contract periods and deadlines. You can thus put missed deadlines behind you for good and use contract conditions to your best advantage.

Contract Management

Enhance transparency and reduce costs with ideal contract administration